Donations are crucial to nonprofit organizations. Finding brand new supporters can be a difficult task. Asking them to donate immediately can be even harder.

According to a 2018 study the retention rate for donors is only 45.5 percent. For the past decade the average has consistently been less than one half.

If your looking to raise funds for your nonprofit, turn to your one-time donors. These people have shown interest in your cause and want to support your mission.

These expert tips will help you inspire one-time donors to donate again:



Donors want to know exactly what you’re requesting of them, so use your donation form to communicate a recurring ask clearly and upfront. The majority of first-time donors are willing to set up recurring donations right away, so don’t be afraid to set the default donation ask to “monthly” or another increment.

Mastering the donation user experience and making your recurring ask upfront will drive up your sustaining donor base quickly. The fewer steps and clicks between a donor being inspired and actually donating the more money you will raise, so make sure to accept multiple payment methods, suggest recurring donation amounts upfront, and don’t deter donors with unnecessary questions.

– Brooke Currence, VP Marketing at Give Lively




When people feel emotionally connected to something, they empathize on a personal level and try to connect individually. When a nonprofit uses visuals that embed a story of their own, the scientific trick might work as many supporters may gather to appreciate the cause when they can connect with it personally. For instance, an evident case comes from that shares and documents projects in progress on social media. Not only does it aim to bring clean drinking water to developing countries, but it also wants to empower local communities to take a stand.
Here’s a tweet from their Twitter profile.

– Evan Brown, Marketing Manager at DesignMantic




If you’re looking to make an even deeper connection with your donors, hang out with them in person. Have a golf outing! Go bowling! Meet for happy hour! Forming real relationships and friendships with your donors just might be the key to turning a one-time donor into a lifetime donor. These outings may or may not be a good time to ask for additional donations—it’s up to you to feel out whether that’s appropriate. Just make sure your main focus is having a genuinely good time and building solid relationships. Don’t worry, the donations will surely follow.!

– Hannah Trull, Content Strategist at NoprofitHub


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