I help organizations

leverage WordPress and integrated PHP applications.



It started with my first PC. As a youth I was curious about programs and the world-wide-web. I consumed content, watched tutorials and read articles. While I was only in Middle School, I attended the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University. During the summer program I took an introductory class in HTML and CSS; you could say I was fascinated by the languages that power the internet. The next year I took a class on the principles of design and learned the fundamentals of graphics and fonts.



After freelancing for a few years I received my first major contract. In April I launched Vobox Solutions. In the same year I completed a few more projects and multiple certifications to expand my marketing skills.


In my second year I worked with ten clients to maintain WordPress Deployments and integrated PHP apps. In August 2019 I started as an undergraduate student at CUNY Baruch College. I expect to graduate in 2023 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing Management.


One semester down, only seven more to go. At Baruch I am involved in the American Marketing Association Board as the Co-Director of Communications. In the first month of this year I worked with eight clients to build and maintain WordPress Sites and PHP apps.